– About Us –

We’re a gaming community. We’re not the massive ones, but the top staff will be active most of the time. We’re a private community that don’t talk much except some work here and there to improve the community and a lot of voice chatting in Discord, artworking, and video gaming.

– Our New Features –


Since we haven’t formed any partnership with any brands yet and with our planning, we won’t have enough budget to create products to sell online. If you can donate, we will have a donation page made soon. This will be the same if you want to form a sponsorship or partnering. We’re working on our new sites at the moment.


We will start our own marketing in our webpage. This will includes ranks and etc for your rank in general that will give you boosts in our channel, Social Pages and Chat apps such as Discord.

Web Design

We have change our website format due to some issues with the new HTML coding and data save. There will be sites, Main access (which is this) and Blog page for members. All payments will come through the main site.


As we have the equipment, such as cameras and softwares like photoshop and and other Adobe softwares, we will work on artwork and video making here and there. It will most likely be monthly update however.


Yes, we have service, but on discord only. Most of our members are staff ranks here, or else are going to be inactive besides playing video games. Join our at your own risk. Unless we suddenly have a massive load of people joining of course.


Undoubtedly we will have events. Most of them will be partnership events within the local area of the groups in our community. Most of them will be within Chicago Illinois as majority of the active members are here.


– Contact Us –


Chicago, Illinois, United States



Our email host is currently broken. Once it’s back, we will post the support email here.


We don’t have a official company phone number, so the top staff who are in charge with social work will have their phone # available within the local area only in Chicago.



https://produdeofficial.co.network/home/ Our Blog Page